Great Night of Baseball

MAY 1 — It was a great opening night of baseball at Ghesquiere Park as Major League teams began their 2012 season.

Dodgers 8, Blue Jays 3
Cardinals 10, Athletics 2
Pirates 7, Yankees 4
Tigers 12, Reds 9

Next Games — Thursday, May 3 @ 6 pm:
Reds v. Yankees, Ghesquiere #1
Cardinals  v. Blue Jays, Ghesquiere #2
Dodgers v. Athletics, Ghesquiere #3
Pirates v. Tigers, Ghesquiere #4

Opening Day Parade, Ceremonies and games are scheduled for Sunday, May 6. Teams will be gathering at the Comerica Bank on Mack Ave. for a 12:45 parade to Ghesquiere Park. After the parade there will be ceremonies, pictures and a complete day of AA, AAA and Major League games.

May 6, Opening Day Games:
Lugnuts v. Mudhens 2:00, Ghesquiere #3
Rockhounds v. Jaxx 4:00, Ghesquiere #3
Rangers v. Giants   2:00   Ghesquiere #2
Angels v. Astros    4:00   Ghesquiere #2
Mets v. Cubs     6:00   Ghesquiere #2
Tigers v. Yankees, 2:00, Ghesquiere #1
Athletics v. Blue Jays, 2:00, Ghesquiere #4
Dodgers v. Cardinals, 4:00, Ghesquiere #1
Pirates v. Reds, 4:00, Ghesquiere #4

Major League Season Starts May 1

The Major League season starts Tuesday, May 1 at 6 p.m. with four games at Ghesquiere Park.

A’S  v. CARDS, Ghesquiere #1
TIGERS v. REDS, Ghesquiere #2
BLUE JAYS v. DODGERS, Ghesquiere #3
YANKEES v. PIRATES, Ghesquiere #4

Opening Day Parade and Ceremonies are Sunday, May 6. Teams will be gathering at Comerica Bank on Mack Ave. for a parade start at 12:45 p.m.

Complete T-Ball, Collegiate, AA, AAA and Major League schedules are online (see under the schedules tab).